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Our Secret Password isn’t a Word,
It’s a Smile.

Do you or your kids want to join the coolest kids’ club around?
Well, you’re in luck! Forest Friends Kids’ Club is accepting new members starting at age 7 and all the way up to age 12!

Forest Friends - Kids Club

Some of the benefits of joining our kids’ club include:

  • Complimentary membership to our Growth Guidance Progam
  • Complimentary consultation with Dr. Derek Bock
  • Detailed clinical exam to assess jaw movements and jaw joints
  • Annual high-quality photographs and x-rays
  • Continuous monitoring of how grown-up teeth and jaws are developing
  • Identifying any issues before they become a larger problem
  • Fun surprises at each visit

Forest Friends - Kids Club

7 Incredible kids’ club perks:

  1. Say “Trees!” and get your picture taken
  2. Learn tips and tricks to keep your smile healthy
  3. Monitor how your jaw is growing
  4. Keep an eye on all your teeth
  5. Get your chompers growing in the right direction
  6. Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem
  7. Get an awesome smile- a #BockSmile !

Questions? We have answers!

Q: What if my child’s teeth are developing normally?
A: We’ll still monitor how your child’s teeth and jaws are developing to make sure everything stays on track.

Q: What if my child’s teeth aren’t developing normally?
A: Dr. Derek and his treatment coordinator will schedule a complimentary appointment to go over any issues and create a game plan.

Q: What is the Guidance Growth Program?
A: This is a complimentary program for all patients starting at age 7. This program allows us to track your child’s jaw growth as well as their teeth.

The Forest Friends - Kids Club