What Sets
Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

We are here for YOU!

We offer convenient and flexible appointment times, creative payment plans, and a friendly, knowledgeable team. We will seamlessly guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

World-Class Customer Service

Our practice philosophy is to provide exceptional orthodontic and pediatric dental care in an environment that helps to put our patients and their parents at ease. Our team approach to dentistry helps to educate and empower the patients in our practice, so they can grow up to have a positive attitude toward oral health care. We strive to make every visit a fun and positive experience, so as to build self-confidence in each and every one of our patients as we would want with our own children.

Two Specialties Under the Same Roof

Pediatric Dentistry

Our pediatric division is staffed by Forest Care Team members, Dr. Anokhi Bock and Dr. Michael Rabinowitz. Dr. Anokhi has extensive training in behavioral management for adolescents and special needs children and is fully licensed in conscious sedation. For the patient, this can put several additional options within reach to achieve superb dental health in a safe and friendly environment.

Dr. Anokhi is trained in behavior management for children, and is fully licensed in conscious sedation. For the patient, this can mean that several options are available to achieve superb dental health in a safe, friendly environment. Dr. Anokhi also has extensive training and experience working with children who have special needs.


Dr. Derek utilizes the newest technology in low-force and low-friction braces. This can mean shorter treatment time and less discomfort experienced during your care. Dr. Derek also develops an individualized treatment plan based upon your specific orthodontic needs. He will not only address your orthodontic concerns, but also educate you on our specific goals in developing your extraordinary smile.

Cutting Edge Technology

For the patient, digital x-rays mean a reduction in exposure to radiation; up to a 90% reduction compared to traditional x-rays. This digital system does not use processing chemicals, so it is also environmentally friendly.

Forest Friends Gone Green

We have reduced our paper consumption by keeping the vast majority of our records digitally. For the patient, this means you will have 24/7 encrypted digital access via the web to all your accounts and records. We also offer e-mail communication to everyone on our team, as well as appointment reminders via e-mail, text messaging, or a phone call.

Having the vast majority of your records in a digital format allows faster communication and collaboration with the other dental or medical professionals involved in your care.