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NEED ANOTHER REASON TO SMILE? We’ve got at least 15.

We are literally a one-stop-shop for happiness. No, seriously. We are. Here, we’re able to treat kids, teens, adults, adults that think they’re kids, and even kids that think they’re adults. But that’s not why people keep coming back and recommending us to all their friends. It’s because we deliver what we promise – incredible results. Below are 15 reasons to choose us right now.

  1. We’re super nice, really cool, and frankly, downright awesome.
  2. Our doctors actually care about their patients.
  3. Our patient experience is second to none.
  4. We make affording a better smile actually affordable.
  5. We use the latest orthodontic technology to give you results that aren’t just better, they are faster and more comfortable, too.
  6. We’ve got an iPad bar so that you can play games or watch videos while you’re here.
  7. Hello, we’ve got a claw machine filled with prizes. Need we say more?
  8. Anyone up for a game of Plinko? We just happen to have a custom Plinko Board, too.
  9. Free tasty beverages you can drink while you’re here.
  10. Snacks to munch on because we know everyone gets hungry.
  11. A Kids’ Club that makes the whole process of seeing the dentist less scary for little ones.
  12. A Happiness Hub with goodies to enjoy while you’re here and cool swag you’re free to take home.
  13. We give back to the community because we love this town.
  14. We have an ice cream truck. Seriously. We have one.
  15. We have a cool mascot named Ollie.